Thank You Dr. Mc Cauley!

Thank you Dr. Mc Cauley for a such a groovy experience!!!

Thank you Dr. Mc Cauley for a such a groovy experience!!!

Definition of mnemonic from Wikipedia!

A common mnemonic for remembering lists is to create an easily remembered acronym, or, taking each of the initial letters of the list members, create a memorable phrase in which the words with the same acronym as the material. Anyone can create their own mnemonics to aid the memorisation of novel material.

Okay!  The following is an example of Dr. Mc Cauley’s ability to tap into his creative side to come up with a mnemonic to remember our DSM-IV and DSM-5  Criteria!!!

DSM-IV Criteria for Substance Dependence

  • INABILITY (to cut down)
  • MORE DRUG USED (than intended)
  • A LOT OF TIME (spent obtaining, using & recovering from using the drug)
  • OLD ACTIVITIES, FRIENDS & FAMILY MEMBERS (given up in favor of the drug)
  • NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES (have no effect on the pattern of drug use)


DSM-5 Criteria for “Substance Use Disorder”
“FLIP A SWITCH” ( 2 or more in the last year )

  • FAILURE TO FULFILL (major work, school, & home obligations due to drug use)
  • LARGER AMOUNTS (of drug used over) LONGER PERIODS (than intended)
  • INABILITY (to cut down or control drug use)
  • PHYSICAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS (due to drug does not curtail use)
  • A LOT OF TIME (spent obtaining, using & recovering from drug use)
  • SOCIAL & INTERPERSONAL PROBLEMS (due to drug does not curtail use)
  • IMPORTANT ACTIVITIES (are given up in favor of the drug)
  • HAZARDOUS (situations occur involving drug use)

We were blessed with this and so much more!!!  Dr. Mc Cauley generously gave us permission to share his presentation – so on behalf of Cedar Hills Hospital and Grace On You, Inc and especially Dr. Mc Cauley!!!

Here is the link for today’s presentation:

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