Thank you me Amiga…Guadalupe for a great training on Mindful Smoking! You are an excellent AND gracious presenter! I loved the info, props, Excellent power point, yummy refreshments, and most of ALL… your passion for healthy living and helping people in a kind and non-confrontation manner. Your sweet spirit is a huge plus gal… This is great education

feeling blessed.

Helene – Portland, OR


“The only book I’ve ever read was the Chilton Manual. Now I can’t put Calling In “The One” (by Katherine Woodward Thomas) down – I tell all my friends who are struggling with love- you need to get it and call Guadalupe…she understands because she listens!”

Ryan-Vancouver, WA

“I have such admiration for your willingness to take the plunge and try something different. I truly believe that our happiness can’t be tied up in a sense of security (material, relationship, etc.), but must come from us facing with honesty our pain and uncertainty and learning that life is so much more important than the things that we tend to worry about.…….you are actually taking a risk and doing something you are passionate about.”

Sondra Storm – Vancouver, WA

“Guadalupe encouraged me every step of the way by seeing positive things about me that I could not see myself…I learned to love myself, all the time and let that love spill over into the world.” 

Lorna, BC Canada

Guadalupe, You are an inspiration in our Community with your bright light in a semi dark world you continue to touch those around you! I enjoyed you so much at PREVENT and hope to see you again! I keep my “Heart Rock” with me at all my events!
Marti – location unspecified


Guadalupe Aragon
Grace On You

(360) 334-2626

Self Care Is Imperative For Caring Professionals
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