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I would like to send a sincere thank you to Jackie Cortez of the Prevention Coalition in Walnut, California for sending us this life saving information on the opioid epidemic!




I actively try to stay up-to-date on one of the most critical health crises of our time — the opioid epidemic — but I came across this article from the New York Times and learned a few new things:


  • We’ve lost more than 300,000 people from opioid overdoses in the last 15 years

  • Opioid abuse is partially responsible for the increased number of children in the foster care system

  • Many people simply can’t afford the treatment they need for their addiction (no surprise there), and many states don’t have any kind of assistance program to help them


I really don’t have the answers on how to solve this problem, but I think sharing information and offering our support is a good start. I hope you’ll post as many of these articles as you can on your site, since this is clearly a cause that’s important to you too. (Maybe you can add them to this page or one like it: http://graceonyou.com/upcoming-events/.)


The 45 Warning Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse


How to Identify if Your Teen is Stealing Your Prescription Drugs


Is Your Home an Accomplice for Your Rebellious Teen?


What to Do If You Have a Problem with Drugs: For Teens and Young Adults


Helping an Adult Family Member or Friend with a Drug or Alcohol Problem


Who Suffers from Addiction?: Husbands and Wives


Nine Reasons to Go to Rehab Today


Home After Rehab: The Guide to Finding the Right Place for Recovery


Thanks so much for your time and your advocacy. Please also let me know if you’d be interested in featuring a guest article from me. (Or if you don’t want to hear from the Prevention Coalition team again, please let me know via email.)


Warm regards,



Jackie Cortez – thepreventioncoalition.org

Walnut, CA 91789

P.S. I also stumbled across this video from the Wall Street Journal that shows the impact of the opioid epidemic on American families. It’s about 30 minutes long, and it’s worth watching.

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