A Wounded Puppy – No More

A heart it races like a rabbit never seen before

A face like that of a child whose world as they knew it has come to a traumatic end

A wounded puppy – no more


A central nervous system has found its palpable voice

That always was yet never heard

Not by these ears

NOW allowed to hear

The mind, the heart, the gut

United no longer divided

So dare to

Choose the reward that moves us toward

The freedom we’ve long seeked for

Now the path that always was

Never taken until this day – this moment

Wounded puppy no more

by Guadalupe Aragon, Compassionate Inquiry Program for Professionals- 2023 Cohort

Only two weeks in and already the most palpable enlightenment I have ever experienced- allowing us – pleading with us to get in touch with our true selves! Knowing our truth! Getting to know ourselves on a deeper level than ever before! Making friends with our full range of emotions or suffer the consequences of a life less lived! Count me in!

So much more to come!



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