Witnessing individuals shift to place of possibility where they reconnect with who they really are before all the… happened is the fuel that drives my desire to share all that I have learned!!!  

Hence “Grace On You” was born.  It’s our birthright to feel safe and worthy of love! Creating Grace On You – has become for me My Grace Filled Life after Addiction.  It is for me the vehicle to serve my community!  I am here to serve you through our trainings and brief interventions!

Mindful Smoking for Professionals (MSfP) Professionals Empowering Individuals to Reconnect with Their Baby Pink Lungs & Gums!  A healthy integrative approach to achieve nicotine (smoke, chew, vape) cessation.



Guadalupe Aragon
Grace On You

(360) 334-2626

Self Care Is Imperative For Caring Professionals
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