I am Guadalupe Aragón! 

A bilingual English/Spanish dedicated transformative life coach with an emphasis on healthy living! I am blessed daily on so many levels and now I would like to share these blessings with you!

Witnessing individuals shift to place of possibility where they reconnect with who they really are before all the… happened is the fuel that drives my desire to share all that I have learned!!!  

Hence “Grace On You” was born.  It’s our birthright to feel safe and worthy of love! Creating Grace On You, LLC – has become for me My Grace Filled Life after Addiction.  It is for me the vehicle to serve my community!  I am here to serve you!

I am so honored to have the following experiences and accomplishments;

 BA in Sociology, University of California Berkeley

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor I, Portland, Oregon

Recovery Coach, Vancouver, Washington through Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery – As a Recovery Coach graduate my greatest learning was the importance of meeting people right where they are at, staying in my own lane, and the two words that determine what works best for a particular person are “it depends”.  

Certified Transformative Life CoachLos Angeles, California – Trained by Claire Zammit, PhD and Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT author of Calling In “The One” and Creators of the Conscious Uncoupling process!  Calling In “The One” is aseven week process that helps us remove obstacles that keep us from fully giving and receiving love!

Part-Time Instructor, Portland Community College – AD106 Nicotine Cessation – Name changed from Smoking Cessation to include the E-Cigarette Vaping Use Trend.  Each term more students or the person they are coaching have reported significant reduction of tobacco/nicotine use and or quitting altogether!

Mindful Smoking, 3 CEUs ACCBO ACCREDITED – Presentation for professionals to deliver information on tobacco/nicotine use to their clients in a supportive, positive and non-judgmental way.  Professionals empowering individuals to reconnect with their baby pink lungs!

Mindful Smoking-BPLs&Gs, In The Community – Empowering individuals to reconnect with their baby pink lungs & gums one family at a time! This is a new project where the Mindful Smoking techniques are delivered directly to individuals who use tobacco/nicotine and their loved ones in their home! More details to come!

Former Emeritus, Chemical Dependency Training Consortium of the Northwest 2010 thru 2018 – The CDTC provides low-cost training for the staff, interns and volunteers of member agencies and other professional caregivers.  Although the Emeritus position is indefinite – the values of the board “business focused model” no longer match my values of “people first”.  Still I am eternally grateful for the over the moon amazing opportunity and experience!!!  May the board get the benefits of a collaborative people first approach!

Finally – My belief is that vulnerable individuals heard messages early on like “Shame On You”  If we heard it enough the message became “Shame On Me”.   Whether it’s was a Big Trauma or a little trauma – for some of us we used substances or ineffective behaviors to numb out the suffering derived by this debilitating feeling of badness – in the past!  If this sounds like you let’s move to a more Grace On You space, together! Let the healing begin!



Guadalupe Aragon
Grace On You

(360) 334-2626

Self Care Is Imperative For Caring Professionals
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