You continue to live in our hearts Mary Thompson…a letter to Mary

Mary Thompsong

Dearest Mary – September 20th came and went but please please know that you are still thought of… 2010 seems so long ago but when I close my eyes and open my heart to the lovely memories you gifted so many it’s as if it were yesterday.

Today as I made some chicken soup for my kids and as I sliced the carrots I remembered how you used to bring vegetables in a plastic zip lock bag and you would always offer us some!  As you shared food and your wonderful stories with that amazing passion of yours carrots would be flying!!!  Anyone else, I would struggle to sit through that but not you because your heart so pure it was a delightful memory that I will forever cherish! The psychiatric nurse practitioner dinners our friend Della would invite me to added to my admiration of you because you always had the best questions and commentaries!!!

Coming to work at Peace Health Southwest then Southwest Washington Medical Center and finding little cereal boxes on my desk with your caring notes “I have to keep my Guadaloop fed!” You created a sense of safety like no one I know thus I was compelled to share bits of my story – for instance that I grew up hungry with food always being a scarce commodity.  That made those little boxes of cereal that much more delicious because they fed my stomach but even more so they fed my soul!

Now you are gone…and I miss my friend…I looked up to you…you guided me and helped me and many others through our own difficult times and you helped us to see our strengths.  And even the last time I saw you…you took the time to ask me how my grandson was…even though you were in pain…I am so sorry that I was not there for you like you were there for me…I am so sad for the world, myself included and at the same time I am so incredibly grateful for the period of time we shared!

Your caring words of wisdom resonate deep within me and make me strive to be strong…thank you my friend.  I am sending this to you with loving thoughts…I know you touched so many people but one of your greatest gifts was that you made each one of us feel extremely special…thank you

Siempre, Guadalupe

I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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