Inspired by my Bernard De Par Du

I was compelled to put my 23 lb Maine Coon cat to sleep. Although it felt like we were shipwrecked together, now that he is gone I find myself missing the life we had together. The minute I stirred in the morning he was right there reminding me to feed him as if he had never been fed before. My Sherry used to love when he would let out a short meow as if scolding us!!! My little LeiLani loved him even though he was not a very friendly kitty toward little people. And my Hayden related well to each other being the men of the house!!! And my Shallane, well she just loved her furry friend and gifted him to me. When I told her he had passed I worried she would think I hadn’t cared for him properly – her comment to my surprise was “Mom I figured he would die soon because he was a fatty!!!” When I left for work I would say ‘I’ll see you tonight Bernard” as I dropped treats on the floor – as he enjoyed them I would sing Rod Stewart’s Will I See You Tonight! My friend Della would come over and Bernard would lick her leg- she would squeal!!! My friend Stacy would come over and take pics of his big body and insist I put him on a diet! He lost 1.3 lbs! My friend Becca from Seaside brought her honey Cam and he sat on the floor rubbing Bernard’s tummy for hours! He was in heaven! And Heather from Astoria added a note “Give Bernard a bad hair cut – check” And Wei, although allergic to cats would try his best to pat Bernard on the head to show his love for him. Other pics are Grandma Julie and her honey and my kids Papa, Mary Thompson, Stephen Aragon, and the couple who died tragically  as well as a painting by Lafa of  Lafa’s Art. Thank You Companion Pet Clinic, Dr. Hill and staff for being so loving to Bernard as he went to Kittie Heaven. And a Special Thank You to all of my friends who were so supportive through his passing.

I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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