Mutual Blessings!!!

While some walkers and runners took to the streets inside the building the walls rocked with amazing music from popular hip hop to heartfelt Latin beats as walkers and runners participated in ZUMBA either as a warm up before they set out or a cool down to bring their accomplishment to a successful finish!!!    Zumba Instructor Marti Basaca-Murray started us off and between songs shared how blessed she has been – a retirement home actually had a space built especially for her to continue to provide Zumba to retirees.  Delighted by her story I also learned that she was blessed just as she blessed others!  Marti shared how she had been providing Zumba free of charge to these beautiful people and they in exchange, to show their gratitude, created a space for her!!! 360.606.2710 Marti offers Group/Private/Master Classes, FUNdraisers, Parties & Special Events, and Corporate Events!  A Special Thank you goes out to Marti From Grace On You, LLC!

Marti was followed by Rocio Wallace, Zumba Instructor who also provided body moves that got just about everyone on their feet!!! Rocio only charges $5.00 and your first Zumba Class is free!!! For more information call 360.954.3838.  Even us the vendors were were unable to contain the need to move as we found our bodies taking over as we danced by our tables!!!  McKenzie of STASHA, Cindy Schroeder representing PREVENT Thank you so much for joining the movement!!!

A special thank you to all of the youth who came by Grace On You and answered a health question and picked out a special heart shaped rock (a reminder to love self first – because by doing so there will be more of you for others to love)!  Finally a special thank you to Carol, Marcy, Dawn, Nancy, Carlos, Dawn B, and Julie for stopping by to learn more about substance use!!!

Grace On You, LLC was so blessed!



I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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4 comments on “Mutual Blessings!!!
  1. sean chavez says:

    THANKS!!! Guadalupe.. we love you :0)


  2. Guadalupe, You are an inspiration in our Community with your bright light in a semi dark world you continue to touch those around you! I enjoyed you so much at PREVENT and hope to see you again! I keep my “Heart Rock” with me at all my events!


  3. Grace On You says:

    Hi Marti! I am using a tutorial to learn how to manage my website to help me better respond to my comments!!! Hence why I am replying almost 2 years later!!! I am currently working on putting together a “Mindful Smoking” process to quit smoking using a harm reduction method! If you know anyone who might be interested – not in quitting abruptly- but slowly breaking up with their tobacco use and reconnecting with their healthier version of themselves please share a fun solution to becoming tobacco free is on its way!!!

    As always “Grace On You My Dear Friend!!!”


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