Grace On You and the Conscious Uncoupling Process!!!

Hello Everyone,  I was so moved by this new process  I am learning by Katherine Woodward Thomas that I felt compelled to share!!!  Grace On You Everyone!!!

Conscious Uncoupling Coaches Training Reflection for Thursday, January 26, 2011


Ok – Thank you for your continued guidance!  I would say I am so open and receptive to this additional process – on a previous call I had commented to Katherine my limited understanding of the process and she gently guided me in a more complete outcome – The person will BE different.  After listening to the audios plus this supervision call I am sold that this is an amazing process that is greatly needed.

I would say that my greatest learning is the language – “soul surgeons”, “midwife”, the “source wound” or “source fracture”, “impersonal objective space”, “primal”, “lineage”.  Before these learning’s all of those words would present as extremely foreign to me – I could easily understand what they meant by simply looking them up on Wikipedia however the practicing this process on myself has allowed me to own these words “cultivate a deeper relationship with myself” which has allowed me to be “more organic” in my coaching abilities and in my life.  I feel more authentic – where before I felt like I was using this vocabulary but it did not fit me.  Almost like when I was a child and had to wear my older sister and brothers’ hand me downs – they were someone else’s – too big and I too small – invisible and ashamed that I had no clothes of my own – in this case no words of my own to communicate to others much less to communicate to myself how deeply I hurt and ashamed I felt hence never feeling heard.  I recall hiding in the bathroom stall to change into my gym clothes for fear that I would be found out as I put rubber bands on my tube socks to hold them up.  The Conscious Uncoupling process has given to me the ability to learn to “hold the sadness” of my own painful feelings – thus I feel heard for the very first time.  Which brings forth another big word “Reclamation” by setting an “Intention” I am able to provide for myself!”

What truly excites me about the Conscious Uncoupling process is Katherine and Julie both mentioned the ability to midwife [our pain], the pain of the client, the community and FUTURE GENERATIONS TO COME – oh my goodness my heart feels as if it is about to burst with belief in my own abilities and those of all people I come into contact with!!!  Ever So Grateful!  Guadalupe

I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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