Mindful Smoking – Empowering Individuals To Reconnect With Their Baby Pink Lungs & Gums! Deb’s “Dear Me” Letter and Deb Update!

When Deb read and handed me this letter she added “here use it – if it can help one person” the way writing it helped her!

Deb’s quit date was December 17th – and instead she made the decision to quit a week early!!! Deb’s journey to reconnect with her Baby Pink Lungs & Gums began a lot sooner – about 10 weeks ago – in fact much longer than that – Deb has smoked for 50 years – “IN THE PAST!!!”

Deb reports what was most helpful was the process of reconnecting with the cigarette in her hand in that moment ended up spilling into every other area of her life. Whether it is having a meal or driving to work she reports she is much more mindful of everything she does!

A great example – Deb made the decision to start working out at her gym and had not missed a day since she made this commitment to herself. One day she recalls driving past the gym thinking she was too tired to work out that day. We giggled together as Deb described her car pulling into her driveway and then “My car mindfully pulled out and went back to the gym!”

That is what Mindful Smoking – Reconnecting With Our Baby Pink Lungs & Gums is about!!! Thank you so much for sending positive energy to Deb and her decision to choose her healthy self!!! Your positive thoughts made a difference!!!

…In the past…In the moment

“October 29, 2021

Dear Me,

You and cigarettes have had a long and loving relationship for the past 50 years, but it is now time to end this relationship. Cigarettes have been there in times of extreme stress in your life, minor stress, relaxation and just to fill the voids when you were bored. there was always an excuse that you just couldn’t quit right now because the time wasn’t right. You have weathered long term severe illness of a spouse and ultimate death, lost and almost lost 2 children, survived a lifetime of abuse and breast cancer. You thank cigarettes for being there to help you through these times, but you survived it all and no longer need them to help you. It is finally time to free yourself from this unhealthy habit, and begin to live your best life. You are learning to love yourself for the first time in your life, and part of that love includes getting rid of the things that interfere with your freedom to grow in this awakening. You are now armed with new coping skills to use for any life event as it may arise. You have eliminated everything except the one thing that keeps you chained down. Cigarettes! They keep you from being able to stay present (you have to excuse yourself to go outside to smoke when with family and friends), you and your clothes smell like a dirty ashtray, cough nasty stuff up in the morning and are in danger of getting COPD. Now let’s complete the cycle of healthy living for whatever time you have left on this earth. It’s time to let them go, because you love yourself too much not to.

Written from a loving place,


Deb is on week 5 of the Mindful Smoking -Empowering Individuals To Reconnect With Their Baby Pink Lungs & Gums process!!!

If you are interested in receiving the Deb’s Update Newsletter please send me an email to guadalupe@graceonyou.com.



I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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