Hi – Grace On You Update!

Hello Everyone – There is a reason I have been away! We have been diligently working as a team to apply for a grant to expand the Mindful Smoking for Professionals process to Mindful Smoking for Families!

We have some ahmazing contributors! I was blessed to make a deep connection with Virginia while we were in the Oregon State University cohort working toward our master in counseling program! Virginia found time to help edit sections in the grant – her ability to articulate what was in my heart was over the moon! She got me and stated it so eloquently! And Dr. Olga Parker – her guidance throughout my career as a substance use counselor and knowledge on nutrition lives within me because she taught me lifechanging knowledge on substance use and how foods are drugs too!!! More on that later! And a special thank you to my lovely daughters Sherry and Shallane for allowing me to talk incessantly about this project!!! Finally, Jerry Pratt – After hours and hours of viewing YouTube videos on what equipment to buy and how to film documentaries – the universe led me to Jerry Pratt on Craig’s List of all places! I am still pinching myself!!!

Squeal! Thank you Jerry Pratt!!!

Tomorrow we will know if we received the Beacon Health Community Impact Grant!!!  Regardless of the decision I would like to say thank you soooooo much for the professional contributions to the application and the heartfelt enthusiasm for the Mindful Smoking for Families process. 

I genuinely believed in this life changing process long ago and everyone’s willingness to hear me out and join me in the excitement of empowering individuals to reconnect with their baby pink lungs and gums only fueled and reignited now our belief and potential of actually making it happen!!! 

When this comes to fruition because of each of you I stand by the knowledge that we have the potential to impact generations to come!  

So, while I am holding my breath to hear I feel like The Mindful Smoking for Families is already one step closer to coming true!  Thank you – With you – all is possible!!!

With Sincere Love & Gratitude,

Guadalupe Aragón BA, CADC1, Calling In “The One” Transformative Life Coach
Part-Time Instructor at Portland Community College
Former Emeritus Chemical Dependency Training Consortium of the Northwest 2009 – 2018.  

Creator of Mindful Smoking for Professionals (MSfP), Professionals Empowering Individuals to Reconnect with Their Baby Pink Lungs and Gums!  A healthy interactive approach to achieve nicotine (smoke, chew, vape) cessation.  MHACBO Accredited 

My Grace Filled Life after Addiction www.graceonyou.com 360.334.2626

I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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