National Suicide Prevention Week 2021 in United States began onSunday, September 5th and ends on Saturday, September 11th

Thanks to Rainier Springs for providing “Working with Suicidal Patients, An Evidence Based Approach” presentation by Dr. Andrew White of Portland DBT. Dr. White shared the following video that goes straight to the point.

Direct and to the point. Let’s do all we can to keep each other safe please.

And remember SQUEAL – Suicide Questions to Understand, Evoke and Affirm Life because the more we talk about it the less likely beautiful people will complete!

Other delicious learnings from Dr. White are a plaid shirt! A plaid shirt has many colors – we don’t throw all of the colors into a bucket and come up with an average color for example eggplant! This applies to opposing emotions like fear, anger sadness and intuition.

I will add – emotions that can make us feel suicidal and wanting to live simultaneously!

Also the more vulnerable we are – the more likely we are to consider suicide as an option. What makes us vulnerable? Not being validated and stigmatized over and over again.

The more invalidated we are the more we consider suicide.

I will add – the message we make from the perpetual invalidation!

One more nugget! I loved that Dr. White exchanged “Cue” for triggers! I love “Activators” now I can add Cue to my gentle vocabulary!!!

These are just a few nuggets. Although this video is direct Dr. White’s approach to empowering us to learn was gentle, caring and knowledgeable!

If you aren’t already on Rainier Springs email list for upcoming events – Please do so!!!

Plus it is a great place to reconnect with beautiful people in the Pacific Northwest (Cecilia, Crystal and Mike among many others) who are also serious about empowering all people to suffer less and live more!!!



I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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