Accomplisher, Unificator, Creator!

Accomplisher, Unificator, Creator –

AUC! This is my new Ethic Vision!!!  Thanks to Jim Jensen who presented Aspirational Ethics through Ranier Springs!!!

Okay let me back up!!!  If you have not heard of Ranier Springs in Vancouver – You Must!!!  The presentation prior helped me learn about PTG – Post Trauma Growth!

Oh my gosh – learning about PTG helps me feel like I have finally found a home!!! My current read is a book loaned to me by a colleague at work.  Post Trauma Success by Fredrike Bannink!  It has a quote in there about how psychology has focused on people from a what’s wrong with them approach which takes people who are miserable and makes them less miserable!

I am Guadalupe Aragon and a bit of a self professed MisFit!!!  I am NOT your use only EBP (evidence based practices) kind of person! 

Instead we use beach balls,  bowls of water, burial sites, Dr. Jack Stump’s Life Time Line and recalling your first bike to; honor your uniqueness, help you to sit still long enough to meditate, help you reconnect you with your baby pink lungs, and help you beautiful person fully understand from where you come and remind you or have you learn for the very first time your brain has the ability to create glutamate and or empower you to reprogram your glutamate!!!  As Dr. Kevin McCauley states life is and should be “better than expected!”

I do respect all those T’s and do sincerely believe they are extremely helpful – OMGosh – DBTs Wise Mind and Emotional Regulation – over the moon – yes and I want more for folks!!!  I am learning in PTG that recovery is bringing people back to their prior state of being before the PTSD. I have always felt people who experienced trauma have the ability to feel more joy than people who have never experienced any trauma!  Mind blowing joy!!!  Who the heck needs drugs when you can tap into your own glutamate, endorphins and enkephalins!!!

Sign me up!!!

I announced my stance at Jim Jensen’s presentation on Aspirational Ethics – so I suppose this is a little more detail to help you understand my comment – if you were present – I am not a mental health counselor – I stated I am an Alcohol and Drug Counselor – I left out – I tend to lean toward Life Coach!

One of my greatest values is do no harm!  I am blessed beyond the moon to be working in a facility that has mental health providers and medical doctors present!  In addition to all of the required EBPs I do my awful best to provide – the groovy work I have found helps clients get more out of their work with their mental health providers!

As Dr. Gabor Mate states It’s not why the addiction? It’s why the pain?

Jim Jensen was phenomenal!!!  All of his work is beyond the moon!  I still use his Essential Needs – like needing to pee and equating it to needing the drug with all of my clients and when honored to work with the families!!!

I truly am the most blessed person in this world because I feel like I have gone beyond surviving.  And now I choose to go beyond recovery!  I choose to thrive!

Accomplisher – because I have a ton of exciting projects I will accomplish!!!

Unificator – because I choose to invite All Beautiful People to join me in this adventure!

Creator – because who uses beach balls, water bowls and burial sites to empower beautiful people to be their best selves!!!

What do you use???

Sincerely, and Respectfully


I also want to give a tremendous thank you to Royal Oaks Golf Course in Vancouver, Washington!!!  What a great venue with the most ahmazing staff and delicious food!!!

I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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