Beginning At The End!

Did my child dream this… to be?

Where I end my day depends on where I begin.

Every gesture. What I right about.

Dancing, Singing, Playing  like the world is watching.

Everyone is watching when I dare to be.

Feel the all and none there is.

Play the end of the beginning souls of feet running.

Answers to questions never asked.

Imagining tomorrows without … the solution be self, by self, my self.

Whenever that … comes to mind imagine the soul intertwined with Creator in mind.

Look back no more will stop feeding the goal prior.

The pine replaced by the fruit of a brand new vine.

The grapes of wine that made life taste bitter replaced for cups of tea.

Or that lovely coffee I learned to create.

NOW order the ingredients what might they be?

The organs will thank thee.

The Happily Ever After has already occurred – what if

Now is the time to call it – I have arrived – I have achieved.

My all, my end begins with this delicious moment.

With the end in mind; every gesture, every skipped heart beat, every thought and what I perceive.

En Cada Cabeza Hay Un Mundo in the words of my Madre.

Did my child dream this all to be?

If so Hooray!

If not Hoorah!

For it’s in acceptance the delicious end begins.

Guadalupe Aragon

This writing came about in memory of our beautiful friend Memory.  With the Out of The Darkness Walk in mind this mixture of emotions insisted on being released.  No I am not suicidal.  It is more about the more we talk about suicide the less likely it is to occur!  SQUEAL Suicide Questions to Understand, Evoke and Affirm Life.  Do you really want to die or do you want the pain to stop?  1.800.SUICIDE OR 503.923.HELP.

I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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