It all began in the bathroom!  I became a runner in the bathroom!!!

I try to run every day – at least 1 mile and on good days 3+ miles!

It started out small.  I watched a Ted Talk where a gentleman encouraged viewers to add one itty bitty change to something you already do.  Go pee – Do one push-up! He got up to 80+ push-ups a day!  It Was Simple and Effective.  It worked for me too when I was at home a lot  – and not so much in public bathrooms.

But it started something within me because the running followed!

Someone – To this day I do not know who –  ordered two magazines for me- A Woman’s magazine that featured Barbara Streisand on the cover.  And the other magazine was a Runner’s magazine!

I put the Runner’s Magazine in the bathroom!

I know this is TMI however it’s worth sharing because it changed my life and perhaps it can change yours too!

I’m always in a rush but when I sat… and began reading I was moved by the stories – a group of runners who ran in the streets of Chicago, A woman in Africa who ran 8 miles a day to get to work to save money, tips on warming up before a run by spelling the alphabet with your feet, the best rated running gear…you name it – if it has to do with running this Runner’s magazine has it!

I have bad knees and it saddened me when my knees began to hurt.  I didn’t give up.  I ran until they hurt, then walked until they stopped then ran again!  Sometimes I walked more than ran but each day I read more I ran more!!! I am so blessed to be able to run three miles without stopping!

The pencil drawing came about after I attended a training through the Cedar Hills Hospital Professional Events – The topic was art therapy – it moved me too!  I will share more but for now I am hoping this little bit of life experience will move you too!

I encourage you to add one itty bitty thing to something you already do!  To find a favorite read to inspire and yes put it in the bathroom!!!  And dare to draw about it or sing about it – but do it – while you can – because you can!!!

I still wonder who did it – who ordered these two magazines for me – I would love to know because it seems to have changed my life –  I would love to say thank you to you!  If it was you who is reading this now – My heart thanks you!!!



I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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