Healing Shame: The Heart of the Recovery Process

Please excuse my delay – This golden opportunity to gain excellent and useful tools and processes takes place TOMORROW!!!  FRIDAY, October 9, 2015
Tim Craley, MA, Addiction Studies, CADC II, CD Professional II, Hazelden in Newberg

Tim Craley, MA, Addiction Studies, CADC II, CD Professional II, Hazelden in Newberg

“Shame and Addiction” via tTim Craley!!!”
“Addiction and shame go hand in hand. It is hard to understand where one starts and the other ends. Addiction leaves us feeling powerless, isolated, and unworthy. There is a strong sense of secrecy and silence about addiction. It is something that is easier to hide and just not talk about. Understanding our shame allows us to move into self-acceptance and healing.”

Goal of Training
Shame lies at the very heart of the disease of addiction. The goal of this training is to give clinicians, or anyone in a therapeutic relationship with addicts of any kind, the knowledge and tools to both recognize and effectively treat shame. Participants will be able to understand the various synonyms for shame, which they can use in their practice. The trainer will present on the work of Brene Brown as well as the program of Alcoholics Anonymous and all its various iterations. Participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate an awareness of how to provide empathy for their clients and how to direct clients to nurture it within their own relationships. The participants will understand the common belief systems and shame patterns in Adult Children of Alcoholics as well as the concept of “Carried Shame”. Research presented will include but not be limited to Brene Brown, Mark Williams, Jon Kabat Zinn, Ernest Kurtz, Janet Woititz and the AA and NA programs respectively. This training is appropriate for all skill levels and combines elements applicable to each of the NAADAC Eight Counselor Skill Groups.

For Information Contact:
Lisa Westlund
Phone: 503-805-0989
Fax: 1-360-557-5032 (vFax)


I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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