Oh My Gosh!!! The Conference Was So Incredibly Memorable!!!

So the drive was fierce!!! I arrived at 11 pm on Thursday night….I was so impressed with Eric’s presentation – lots of new info and Bless His Heart he agreed to present for us at the Chemical Dependency Training Consortium of the NW!!!  That is one you do not want to miss!!!  More details to come!!!

There was a gentleman Mark who shared the importance of talking to our legislature… or else what ever happens will happen to us!!!  Then another new favorite presenter is Dr. Kelly Olson – she provided a heartfelt presentation on synthetic and emerging drugs!!!  Gosh – An example is young people are taking a string and dipping it in cough syrup that has DXM and sucking on it…It supposedly makes for a greater high…Gosh – Then Susan shared her passion working with people who struggle with addiction and helped us expand on the four square – pros and cons of using and not using!!!

Then I was up and presented on Self Care – and as I put this presentation together and attended a board meeting where we talked about numbers of attendees ebbingg and flowing and it appears there are many reasons for this – however I noticed it kind of pushed my buttons.  I have been with the Consortium for a while and as most of you know I select jobs based on their willingness to allow me to attend the board meeting and educational professional growth opportunities…a lot of the feedback appears to be – the agency won’t allow it because it affects their bottom line – or they won’t pay for it so the employee would need to use their PTO and or own finances to cover the costs.

My button got pushed – because it almost feels unethical – like being kicked out of a residential treatment center for using…if many of our counselors are in recovery…they need that connection with other professionals – All professionals who work with vulnerable populations are vulnerable themselves – for example vulnerable to burnout or compassion fatigue, relapse or even suicide.  Offering their own trainers is a bit better however offering web in-service education is so deficient of the networking, support, camaraderie that promotes and develops the best counselors ever!!!

So – this little video may reflect my thoughts a bit strongly – To keep it on the positive note …Thank you to agencies who do promote mental health wellness to their counselors via supporting their professional growth!!!

A Grace Filled Life After Recovery Includes Continued Education, Networking and Support!!! Right???


I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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