Oh my goodness!!! I am overcome with a mixture of emotions!!!

Hello Everyone,

It has been a tremendous few weeks with community events, providing groups, preparing curriculum and finally – adding a first to my list of accomplishments – teaching the first Nicotine Cessation Class at PCC.  It started with a bang – students waiting outside the class – I invited them in early and greeted each one, thanking them for choosing this class!!!

A total of 44 students showed up Yikes!  All appeared to be enthused to help some one quit or reduce their tobacco use or use the tools to help themselves!!!  You know me that was music to my ears!!!  We talked about the benefits to being a counselor in recovery vs what society refers to as a “normie!”  I shared Katie Evans literature – in early recovery an individual may appreciate a counselor in recovery – However – according to Ms. Evans – a counselor not in recovery may work twice as hard to learn every possible road to recovery and he or she is not likely to be attached to any particular one – thus a person may appreciate choosing from a variety of options – practicing their independence for the very first time!!!  Bottom line they both are beneficial and we celebrated both!!!

My roommate – I’ve kept her a secret far too long – she is an young, amazingly intelligent person with a passion for learning, helping others and a huge vision of what she wants her life to be like with her every move being intentional to achieve her goals!!!  She writes inspiring quotes on the whiteboard!

Tonight I am especially grateful as we made a run – cookie dough, spicy popcorn, grapes, yogurt and cottage cheese as she helped me grade papers and create a spreadsheet to track my students’ progress!!!

I am so fortunate – I seem to attract such positive individuals in my life – Della, Patti, Lisa, Helene, Robert, Reed, my children and grandchildren, Kurt who teaches at PSU helped me when I let him know yesterday that I was scared!  He was so kind stating that the fear was good however he said I give you 15 minutes and you are going to love it – he was so right. and Mary ( she may not be here now however her positive energy lives on in any life she touched – I’m sure).  I know there are many more people I am grateful for – And now I can add each one of the students at PCC I am fortunate to work with!!!

Oh – I met the Division Dean of Allied Health and Emergency and Legal Services, John Saito, MPH who had the most delightful stories of his travels and educational journey and was kind to ask me about my own life experiences!!!  He is a beautiful Japanese gentleman from Hawaii!!!  Another beautiful person Corine Hiebert, Lead Administrative Assistant to Allied Health and Emergency and Legal Services!  We laughed so hard and listened attentively to Mr. Saito’s thoughts as we recalled old outdated films about drugs.

Sarah in student services who took my picture – she was so kind however my picture turned out – scary – I had no idea I could look like I have an overbite!!!  You know you are healthier when you can laugh at yourself!!!  I was going to post it but no way – it looked so bad my very wonderful person who was my first contact at PCC -Jeri Reed even asked “What Happened?”  and added “I am not going to lie to you” and gave me directions to return next week when the lines aren’t so long to plead for a retake!!!

Another Angel that happened my way is Ruth McKenna, MA, LPC Counselor at Disablity Services – took me under her wing and showed me the do’s and don’ts when serving individuals with the need for accommodations!!!  I thanked her profusely as she shared tips that helped her when she was a teacher!!!

The beautiful day matched the positive climate of the PCC Campus!!!

I am so grateful to so many – because of you I am experiencing My Grace-Filled Life After Addiction!



I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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2 comments on “Oh my goodness!!! I am overcome with a mixture of emotions!!!
  1. Jean Mullen says:

    Congratulations! You’ve made a great step in your life. On a selfish note- does this mean that you will no longer be giving the one day seminars? I couldn’t possibly add a class to my time or financial budgets. And I was looking forward to seeing you again. Anyway, have a wonderful time in your classroom.Fondly, Jean Mullen

    Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2015 07:39:20 +0000 To: zopined@live.com

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    • Grace On You says:

      Hi Jean!!! Thank you so much! I am still doing my Mindful Smoking presentations every third Saturday of the month!!! A lot is going on but I am so blessed that it is all really groovy!!! Life is groovy my friend!!! I am looking forward to the next time we get to share time!!! G!


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