Squel Alert!!! I just got my keys to my classroom!!!

Squeal!!!  Love of Life Is So Great!!!

I recall a time when my life was so painful there were no words to describe the sadness and despair –  September Is National Suicide Prevention Month. Every Day Matters. When it comes to suicide prevention, EveryDay Matters. In honor of World Suicide Prevention Day and Suicide Prevention Month, we thank those that work in a community and take action every day. http://www.everydaymatters.com/suicideprevention/

It is so hard to share this post – but so incredibly necessary –  By the Grace of God I am still here experiencing the most amazing life!!!  My sadness affected so many people including my own children…Darleen – my beautiful middle child- bless her heart – at a very young age was compelled to go to counseling and discovered that while in school every time she heard a siren she feared it was for her mother. When she shared this with me the way she described her little heart beating out of her little chest.   Me – I was hurting so much at that time.

Today I met with Jeri Reed at PCC who showed me my beautiful classroom…As she spoke on the phone to Donna at the Administration Office to please have the keys ready because she was bringing “an instructor” Me – an instructor…Gosh my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude that somehow some way I am okay – just for today…



Jeri was so incredibly groovy sharing how she has two Japanese students who speak no English staying with her and how they made her a delicious sandwich with mustard, ketchup, hot dog slices and an egg on special bread…we are walking in the sunlight laughing so hard!!!  Wow…if you are sad please know that there is life after pain and that it feels that much sweeter because you have this sadness you are feeling today to compare it to which makes every day that your are okay that much sweeter!!!  1.800.SUICIDE please talk to someone who can help.

Excitedly I share with Jeri my plan for the day that I am driving to Salem to present to a group of beautiful gentlemen the topic – Suicide.  She laughs and responds only you would be happy to present such a hard core topic!!!  She’s right – because as I learned in ASIST an amazing training on Suicide Prevention – the more we talk about it the less likely it is to happen!!!

So I drive to my other beautiful daughter Sherry’s and we share a magical moment as I translate my presentation to Spanish – Bobby Darin Radio songs on Pandora playing in the background.  Love is such a gift – I finally get it – allowing my heart to break open has created space for abundant love!!!


MYTH NUMBER ONE When someone makes a statement like “I’m done.  I just want to end it.”

If we ask “Are you thinking about suicide?  Are you thinking about killing yourself?” We tend to think we will plant the idea into the other person’s mind they will go out and do it and it will be our fault. 


THE FACT – The opposite is true.  The minute we ask – the person who might be contemplating suicide is actually relieved to find someone who is ok to talk to about how they are feeling.

A good question to ask is “Do you really want to die or do you want the pain to stop?”  This question tends to get a response like “You mean I don’t have to die to make the pain stop?”  Then you are both moving toward possible solutions.  Clark County Crisis Line 1.800.626.8137 or the 1.800.SUICIDE lines are both very useful.


MYTH NUMBER TWO “If I die I won’t be a burden.”

THE FACT – Statistics show that survivors are changed forever in a sad way – they will always wonder why and what they could have done to prevent it.  Even sadder is that survivors tend to consider suicide as an option when their plate gets full.  Statistics show that when one family member dies by suicide many times there is another family member who follows the suicide path.

MYTH NUMBER THREE “People who attempt suicide more than once are only trying to get attention – otherwise they would *complete.”

THE FACT – People who try more than once are actually getting better at it with every attempt, it is becoming less scary and it is more likely to happen or may accidentally suicide.  Without the proper help – the person with multiple attempts is more likely to ultimately die by suicide.  Thus every attempt should be taken seriously.

One more reason to stop the attempts is not a myth it is a fact.  If I have multiple attempts and finally on my third attempt I decide life is worth living- That is great!  Love of life should be great!  However let’s say on my previous attempts I took a bunch of pills – I lived and now I choose to live which is sweet– but unfortunately during those previous attempts my body was compromised – my organs may have been affected and now although I choose to live I may be living with a compromised body.

So let’s begin being okay talking about suicide.  Let’s trust that by talking about suicide it is less likely to happen.  And let’s get the myths from facts straight so that we can work together to eliminate the palpable pain death by suicide brings.

*In the past –the vocabulary was *”succeed” instead of complete – however how is suicide a success thus the more appropriate and accurate word is “complete.”

I am grateful to deliver the message below – If these words can help one person… well life is sweet!!!  Let’s share the sugar everyone!!!

I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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