Squeal Alert!!! Mindful Smoking Update!!!

This month I had beautiful person – Mr. Crew drive all the way from Corvallis, Oregon to participate in the Mindful Smoking presentation for professionals who work with individuals, who use tobacco, have the desire to quit – but not in the next 30 days!!!  He was delightful and gave me permission to share his story!!!  (under construction)  While his honey visited the Grotto I was so moved by this moment where we shared information, thoughts, and ideas about tobacco use!!!

This week another beautiful person is having her company pay for her to fly from Pendleton, Oregon to attend a Mindful Smoking presentation on Thursday!  Next month I already have another participant who excitedly shared what got her attention were the words on my flyer – “why bother?…(list of facts)…why not!”  Thank you to Beth Robinson for posting it!!!

If you would like to sample Mindful Smoking – I will be presenting a one hour (teaser not a pleaser) Mindful Smoking presentation at the Recovery Northwest Project in Clark County in the morning and afternoon on Saturday, September 5th at Clark Community College!!!  I say teaser because the feedback last year when I presented at the Red Lion -was that one hour was just not enough time!!!

Part of this process is keeping myself informed!!! While Shayla – pharmaceutical rep for Chantix was visiting the Golden Dawn Clinic – she gave me useful up to date information on the usefulness of medication assisted cessation options!!!  And before you say No – Chantix might kill you…I am adding a gentle reminder the continued use of tobacco will kill you – maybe not right away but eventually…then again we are all going to die – right.  So I suppose it is quality of life -but please remember our loved ones also are greatly affected.   For young people I always ask them what type of Grandpa do you want to be – a grandpa that is strapped to an oxygen tank or one hiking with their grand kids in the great Pacific Northwest – outdoors???  Thank you to Shayla!!!

Part of the Mindful Smoking process is having an open mind – There is no wrong way to reduce our tobacco use!!! And one way to accomplish this is to have a huge bag of tools to offer anyone who is interested in talking about their tobacco use!!! I stand by this as I witness individuals use the e-cig, chantix, the patch, gum and white knuckle approach with success!!!


Recovery Looks Good On You Cam!!! I love you both so much!!!

Kudos to Clark Cam Miner “Feeling grateful for all of those that have supported me in my recovery. Today I am four years clean! One year as a non smoker.”  Way to go to all of the Cams out there!!!

I am also eager to attend the American Lung Association – Freedom From Smoking training in October!!! My bag of tools is already bursting at the seams I am extremely confident attending this training will only add to my bag!!! What’s in your bag???

Most recently my passion and enthusiasm to help empower professionals gain skills to make them confident to talk to every person about their tobacco use reached Jonny Gieber of  Portland Community College when he was providing a training on the ethics of self care for the Chemical Dependency Training Consortium of the Northwest!  He invited me to apply for an instructor position at PCC!

I am so excited to share with you that I will be teaching the Nicotine Cessation Course at PCC in September!!! Hence the Squeal Alert!!! My classroom is incredibly groovy with access to all types of media at my fingertips! With 41 beautiful individuals already enrolled in the classroom I so look forward to continuing my learning and sharing what I learn with future alcohol and drug counselors!!!

During one of my darkest times in my life – many years ago when I attempted to end my own life I received a card that read “Love of life should be great.”  Those words have stayed with me – Now I say “Love of life Is Great as  I am experiencing My Grace Filled Life After Addiction!!!” I wish this feeling for everyone!!!

I am so grateful to everyone who has supported me and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself!!!  You are all my role models – I aspire to inspire the way you have inspired me!!!

Feeling so incredibly blessed!!


I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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