Mindful Smoking© – Smoker’s Jacket – Twi and Boon – Amy Long

Mindful Smoking© - Smoker's Jacket - Twi and Boon - Amy Long


We do not spend enough time talking about recovery and how we get there – not that it is a destination – rather a journey that we live day by day!!!
Everything seems to point Grace On You toward Recovery beginning with My Grace-Filled Life After Addiction!!!
More evidence! Guadalupe has received the okay from Dr. Olga Parker to purchase Anonymous People which will be coming out in June for individuals at Modus Vivendi to view! Anonymous People is an amazing film that features people in recovery!!! Thank you Dr. Olga Parker for recognizing how important life after addiction truly is!!!
Here at Grace On You we will have a list of individuals who will be honored for their desire to be in recovery!
So far we have Hashi Mashi, who although is not ready to share his story on Grace On You is open to sharing how he was able to achieve recovery during his early recovery and is working daily to sustain it! Type in Hashi Mashi in the search engine to see a list that he wished he had when he was trying to get well! It is a great list worth re-reading!
Today we are featuring Boon and Twi!!! Thank you Boon and Twi for sharing your beautiful life in recovery!!!
My Grace-Filled Life After Addiction this morning on the day I launched Mindful Smoking© has begun beautifully! My car is loaded with tobacco use reduction information; power point is printed as is the workbook with 10 handouts and 10 practices to help gently move individuals from a pre-contemplation/contemplation to preparation and action stages of change. Drivers are noticing my Mindful Smoking© poster and smiling with an emotion that appears to be curiosity!
As I drive in I am creating a mental list of what I will work on since I do not have any beautiful people registered yet! When I drive in I am pleasantly greeted by Boon and Twi a beautiful couple who are working on the building! I am honored to share space with what is going to be the Golden Dawn Clinic! What an inviting and soothing name right? And they are going all out with renovations! Jack another worker has renovated the bathrooms and they are precious!!!
Upon arriving Twi and Boon inquire what I do! As I share I am so blessed to hear Twi proudly share Boon’s story! He had a stroke 8 years ago. At the time he was smoking up to three packs of cigarettes a day. Boon quickly added “I did not inhale” and demonstrated his idea of shallow breathing! He smiled as Twi continued with his story! She shared that the doctors told him if he smokes again he will die. Boon took the doctor’s advice seriously and stopped. “My life is so much better!” reports Boon the smile so big my heart swells with happiness!!! He added that he recently lost his brother from a stroke – he smoked heavily and drank. We acknowledged the loss and celebrated Boon’s success and obvious high quality of life he now has as a result of his decision and ability to break up with cigarettes and choose life!!!
As always I asked for permission to share and they generously gave me the okay!!!
It is now a quarter to 9 – I have completed setting up including the really groovy SMOKER’S JACKET that was decorated by Amy Long!!! It is so cool! One arm has MINDFUL going down it. The other arm has Smoking! The front has a beautiful picture of a healthy lung with shiny glitter to articulate our desire for healthy lungs! “Each Breath – New Life Healthy Lung….” On the other side is a groovy writing on the benefits “Recovery Brings: Self Esteem, Intimacy with SELF and Others! Family, Renewed Peace and Self Love! And at the bottom edge “Self Respect” and “Choices and Options” The back hold’s a message that is very dear to me – “My Heart’s Desire Is To Be Tobacco Free!” That is what I wish for the world to be tobacco free!!!
So what do we do with this Smoker’s Jacket??? Well we wear it! The Mindful Smoking© process initially is more about harm reduction than quitting! Here is how it works.

You purchase a jacket from a thrift store or find a jacket you don’t mind ruining!
You hang a hook outside where you usually smoke.
You make an agreement – very important to be like Boon and choose life.
The next time you have the urge to smoke you go outside.
Put on the jacket – zip it up and tie the hood around your face and over your hair.
You smoke 2/3s of what you normally smoke.
You take off your Smoker’s Jacket and hang it on the hook outside!
You go inside.
You have just left all of that second hand smoke outside where it belongs!!!
Wash your hands – brush your teeth and enjoy the feeling!!!
You have saved your couch, your pets, your family and especially your SELF!!!
That is just one of the harm reduction tools in your Mindful Smoking© process!
Please share it! Let’s reduce the number of fatalities by reducing the use!!!

Did you know that 60% of the vulnerable individuals we work with regarding their substance use will give up their primary substance keep the tobacco and die of a tobacco related illness?

Okay so I notice a beautiful lady with a back pack walking by and peeking in – what the heck – I don’t think fast enough or I am held back by fear I suppose – that’s not like me to approach strangers!!! I realize that I am still a work in progress with a long way to go but improving every day!!!

It is now 9:15! I will begin working on my list! Case notes for last night’s DUII group! Complete the write up and send it for approval – topic Racism of the Well Intended! You will be touched by this!!! And I haven’t forgotten I promised a write up of the Emerging Drugs presentation by Mr. Jensen! I have a really groovy picture that comes with that one!!! Miriam is a dendrite and another participant is an Axon!!! Life is so sweet!!!

Guadalupe Aragón, BA,CADC1
Certified Calling In “The One” Transformative Life Coach
President Chemical Dependency Training Consortium of the Northwest
Recovery Coach

I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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