Dual Concerns: Chemical Dependency & Domestic Violence training

Last months Suicide Risk Assessment Training was a huge success with over

40 beautiful and caring individuals attending!!!

Your attendance made it easier to talk about an extremely difficult subject.

This Months December 14th

Dual Concerns: Chemical Dependency & Domestic Violence

training will be an excellent follow-up

in light of recent tragedy


Kasandra Perkins & Jovan Belcher: The couple had been arguing for months prior to the murder-suicide.

Please consider joining us in gaining knowledge, understanding and tools to help reduce or prevent

domestic violence in the world

Behavioral Objectives
By completing this training, Participants will be able to:

  • Describe how chemical dependency and domestic violence/sexual assault are interdependent.
  • Identify behaviors of chemical dependency and/or domestic violence and indicators that lead to relapse,
  • Locate information on laws and regulations of domestic violence, sexual assault, and perpetrator treatment,
  • Identify limitations to accessing and maintaining services for clients,
  • Identify the parenting challenges chemical dependency clients face with awareness about how children are affected,
  • Address cultural differences when working with individuals effected by dv/sexual assault, and
  • Address the need for safety planning for victims and perpetrators and be able to identify protection order violations.

Shannon Miller, BA, is a Certified Counselor. She has 16 years working in the substance abuse treatment and prevention arena. As Coordinator of the Cowlitz Substance Abuse Coalition and Cowlitz Meth Action Team she worked to mobilize the community on reducing substance use, abuse, and dependency throughout Cowlitz County. As an adjunct professor at Lower Columbia College with the Chemical Dependency Studies Program, she works with upcoming chemical dependency professionals on the topics of domestic violence, school based support groups, group counseling, and early prevention and intervention.

Eli Bouchea, MS/P, is a Certified Counselor. She has worked in the field of Intimate Partner Violence for 20 years. She began working as a victims’ advocate and is currently a Perpetrator Treatment Provider. She operates her own practice in Kelso where she counsels adult perpetrators and victims of violence. She is currently expanding her program to include services for teenage perpetrators of violence.

Cory McGregor, is a domestic violence and sexual assault advocate specializing in legal advocacy. She has worked with Cowlitz County’s Emergency Support Shelter for the last 3 years with a focus on providing support, validation, and referrals to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and general crime. She is a Washington State Certified Advocate.

For complete information please contact CDTC     http://www.addictionceu.org  0r   cdtc@addictionceu.org
P.O. Box 847
Vancouver, WA 98666
Phone (503) 805-0989                     VFax 1-360-557-5032

I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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