Clark County Substance Advisory Board featured the Co-Occurring Methamphetamines Expanded Treatment (COMET) program!

Clark County Substance Advisory Board featured the

Co-Occurring Methamphetamines Expanded Treatment (COMET) program!

(Members wanted for the SAAB which meets every 3rd Tuesday of ea month 5:00 – 7:00 pm)



Jessica and Kimberly of Lifeline Connections shared that the COMET program has 2 mental health professionals, 2 case managers, 2 peer support counselors who also meet educational requirements, a registered nurse and psychiatrist on staff!  This wonderful program has up to 50 clients at any one time! 

Clients are accepted thru self referrals as well as being referred by other programs.  Clients must be 18 years or older, have both significant mental health and substance use on board.  They must present with level 4 criteria per LOCUS (similar to the DSM IV).  Mental health must be the primary.  Some clients may come in with only mental health because their substance use has already been addressed. Clients must be low to no income and no insurance (spend down status may make someone eligible).

When the program began the substance use criteria was only for methamphetamines.  Kimberly was happy to announce it has since evolved to include a challenge with any substance!

COMET offers groups on relapse prevention, gender specific, healthy living skills, medical, affects of substance use on the brain and mental health, coping skills, self advocacy, communication, safety skills, seeking safety, life skills, and exercise groups that include aqua aerobics! SAAB member were in agreement they would like to experience the aqua aerobics at Marshall Community Center!!!

COMET also offers access to existing community resources; housing authority, assisting client with help applying for cash and/or medical benefits, GED COMPASS test prep, resume building, job expectations, and places to apply.  Additionally COMET helps clients get to meetings.

 What to expect?  At scheduled appointment – program will be explained, schedule of groups will be presented, medical management will be addressed, and an assessment of needs and what client hopes to get from the program will be conducted.

COMET goal is to minimize symptoms – case management directly correlates with the level of mental health. Kimberly reports each case is unique.  Some clients complete the program fast (less than a year) while other clients take longer (some several years)!  As long as the client is working toward their own program of recovery they are a part of COMET! 

Many clients stay connected with COMET even after their successful completion!!!  Heart moving examples of clients before and after were provided!!!   Jessica and Kimberly both reported the greatest and most frequent feedback from clients has been that “They just felt like COMET never gave up on them!” 

For more information on this wonderful program please contact Lifeline Connections directly at 360.397.8246!  A special GRACE ON YOU to Jessica, Kimberly and all the staff at COMET for the lives you are touching through this vital program!!!


I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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