Stat Results from the 4/20 Digital Film Making and After Party from Tiffany Schwieterman, M.A.

Tiffany Schwieterman, M.A. has earned a special recognition on Grace On You!!!  Thank you Tiffany for all of your hard work!!! 

Greetings Volunteers!

I would like to thank all of you for your time and energy last Friday night! It was a pleasure to work with all of you! I have attached a breakdown of the youth that attended the event. Not bad for a first try! We look forward to watching these numbers grow over the years!

Thank you again!

Breakdown by Grade

Grade 5: 2, Grade 6: 8, Grade 7: 13, Grade 8: 3, Grade 9: 13, Grade 10: 17, Grade 11: 10, Grade 12: 13, Grade Unknown: 2

Total: 81

 Breakdown by School

49th St. Academy: 1, Back on Track: 1, Battleground High School: 2, Cascade Middle School: 2, Charter College: 1, Chief Umtuch Middle School: 1, Columbia River High School: 2, Discovery Middle School: 3, Fort Vancouver High School: 17, Frontier Middle School: 1, Gaiser Middle School: 1, Heritage High School: 3, Homelink (Battle Ground): 1, Hudson’s Bay High School: 15, Jason Lee Middle School: 2, Kalama High School: 1, Liberty Middle School: 5, Lincoln Elementary School: 1, Maple Grove Middle School: 2, McLoughlin Middle School: 1, Pacific Middle School: 1, Pleasant Valley Elementary School: 1, Skyridge Middle School: 2, Skyview High School: 3, Thomas Jefferson Middle School: 1, Vancouver School of Arts and Academics: 6, Vancouver Virtual Learning Academy: 1, Woodland High School: 1, School Unknown: 2

Total: 81

How did you hear about this event?

School: 20, Friend: 38, Parent: 2, Facebook:, Multiple Sources: 10, (school, friend, parent, teacher, facebook, STASHA member, email, Grandma, Digital Storytelling Showcase), Other: 9 (JRC, Sibling, Family, sign, JDH), No Comment: 2

Total: 81

The Youth Feedback walls and post-its were not placed in convenient locations. We will do a better job of this next yearJ! 

What did you like or not like at this event? The fun non drug or  alcohol activities. Dancing & Swimming. All the positive people. The music, DJ and dancing Music I loved hearing other teens speak their lives without being looked down upon and not being judged.

What would you like to see at this event next year? I would like to see lots more people and lots of fun. I would like to see more teens come to this wonderful event. More locker space I would like to see more   troubled teens fixing their lives and loving themselves for who they are.  

What do you like to do for fun (drug and alcohol free)? Playing games, dancing   & volunteering Carol games, acting,   singing, running Yugion dueling Ski I enjoy sleepovers, hangin out, watchin tv, babysitting, and doing what I am told. I also volunteer, to teach children about God. Positive activities like:   playing with my dog Duke, volunteering, singing in the shower Positive activities like hanging with friends and volunteering

Why do we need events like this? Because this gives teens an activity to do and stay free of bad temptations. If we do this, we are trying harder to keep cleansed. To help promote a fun drug free environment The world can always use more dances. The safety is a bonus. So teens have a social   environment free of drugs. So the youth can have some positive support system So teens don’t use drugs. There’s other help than drugs. So teens have a social fun environment free of alcohol. To help teens stop using alcohol and drugs. We need more events like this to show teens you don’t need drugs to have a good time. So we don’t take the   wrong paths in life.

Tiffany Schwieterman, M.A.

Clark County Prevention Specialist

Dept. of Community Services

360-397-2130 ext. 5841

Cell: 360-624-7536

Fax: 360-397-2164

I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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