Addiing STASHA to our Grace On You Space!!!

Greetings Everyone!  Sondra Storm you were missed 😦

Comments from youth – “You are doing a good thing here”  “Do we have to wait a whole year???”

4-20 known for so many reasons (Hitler’s Birthday, the Columbine shootings, a group of kids searching for an unbelievably fantastic marijuana grow – coordinates being 420, and anyone who identifies themself as a marijuana user may likely use marijuana on April 20th at 4:20, joint blundts, brownies…) April 20th is now being taken back by STRONG TEENS AGAINST SUBSTANCE HAZARDS & ABUSE!!!

STASHA in conjunction with the Juvenile Recovery Court aka  “Judge Rully’s Court” as he himself shared with a chuckle JRC is being referred to – have put together for the second year a DIGITAL STORYTELLING event that will break your heart open as you witness kids share what is important to them on the big screen!  “How Will You Tell Your Story?” Film Topics from what it’s like to be a world traveler, recovery, nurturing your inner child (one of my favorites), losing a loved one to learning to bridle  their own anger.  These courageous kids then shared how this experience has helped them aware that they have a future and plan for one!!!  Suggestion – we need tissue next year!

In an effort to reclaim 4:20 this year was especially delightful in that the youth coordinated an after party at the Marshall Community Center!!!  Youth could choose one or all between basketball, swimming, volleyball and my absolute favorite dancing!!! These kids definitely had thier groove going on as the DJ played all of the latest dance tunes!!!  By the end of the evening Guadalupe could no longer contain herself and accepted an invite from some of the kids to join them on the dance floor!!!  It was fabulous!!!

It was a great event for the youth however by end it was easily argued that the adults had more fun than the kids!  Anna Lookingbilll (her proud Mama works at PHSW shared “that’s my daughter did all this!!!) and Tiffany Schwieterman worked hard all year- Volunteers- Sgt Shane Gardner, Jerry Retired/Student and lover of life brought youth Zachery who shared how moved he was by the digital storytelling and later was one of the best dancers on the floor!!!  DeDe S. (most of us know her as Cleve’s replacement) also brought her amazing energy, Barbara Garrier and her grandkids were present!!!  It was absolutely groovy!!!  Camilo of the Substance Abuse Board!  Mike – CDP student and lover of life was also present and moved!!! Tom of Hands Across The Bridge!!!  Mark – genuine spirit and community leader!!! Talk about a natural high to surround ourselves with people who care about our youth is equal to caring about our future!!!

The youth who presented on anger was bummed when her grandma showed up to pick her up as she too was dancing like there was no tomorrow!!!  She whispered a request to keep her talking so she could dance a bit longer!!!  LOL It was easy because Grandma, very proud of her granddaughter wanted to know all of the details about her granddaughter’s film and was eager to share the struggles and triumphs their family have experienced!!!  Grandma was a complete blessing as she listened and felt listened too – then Barbara G. showed up and she too is raising her grandchildren and the stories between these two kin began!!! 

Later Sgt Shane Gardner shared how he conversed with Gma at the door about 45 minutes!!!  Our dancing queen on the floor sported a big smile on her face as she left the party satisfied!!! 

All in all it was a fantastic event and I have to agree – do we have to wait an entire year for the next one???  Regardless – until then Grace On You!



I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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