Grace On You Acknowledges Eric Martin, M.A.C., CADCIII, CPS

Grace On You truly appreciates Eric Martin for his contributions to the community!!! Eric aka to Guadalupe “Our Marijuana Guru” because he is so well informed and generously shares his knowledge with the community! He has presented for the Chemical Dependency Consortium numerous times – Larry Tedder added that he has been so kind as to help out the Consortium when it was in a pinch for a presenter!!!

Recently Eric Martin welcomed the idea of helping provide an Up In Smoke presentation in Spanish!!! Eric very kindly connected me with Gloria So a probation officer for over 20 years to translate and develop this culturally specific presentation for the Latino community!!! One more example of his genuine concern for our community!!!

Another example of his generosity is his willingness to help colleagues – As you know Grace On You Series will be presenting Presentation number 2 “Understand Marijuana – Understand You” so I forwarded my presentation to Eric for his advise. When I recieved his email stating it had errors I was crushed. It was difficult a person I look up to provide “bummer” information. Learning to work from my Grace On You space I heeded the advise of a good friend Lafa Baker to ask him for help to at least point out the areas that needed fixing. This was so hard because I am used to helping others not asking for help – but I for one know I must practice what I preach!!!

Eric’s response “bring your laptop and we will fix it together.” Eric did just that!!! We spent Saturday afternoon – learning how a female plant puts out gooey residue to attract pollen from a male plant not the male plant itself. “Plants can’t move – they are in the dirt!!!” Eric shared as he and I giggled at the thought of a female plant attracting a male plant as it moved through the dirt to get close!!!

Another learning for me was that Cotton Mouth is produced by the dopamine rush that occurs when we use any drug – which causes our blood vessels to constrict. I thought it was caused by THC mimicking Anandamide by causing saliva production to reduce at night time so most of us sleep with a glass of water by our bed – we get thirsty we drink water and go back to sleep – or so I thought! As Eric put it many people drool at night!!! Again more laughter!!!

My point is Eric Martin is an absolute blessing to his community and Guadalupe of Grace On You is especially blessed by him!!! Thank You Eric Martin!!!




I am a Life Coach/Brief Interventionist. My emphasis is on trading in our relationship with alcohol, drugs and negative thinking for an amazing relationship with others and most importantly developing an extraordinary relationship with our self!

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